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Boxer Martin - Who We Are

Boxer Martin has over 25 years of experience dealing in trade with China. We were set up as a product sourcing specialist working with small to medium sized businesses who wanted to tap into the competitive manufacturing sector. As an extension of our work in this field, we have now added our sales division for managing brands' ambitions for trading to the burgeoning Chinese Middle Class.

We offer both sourcing and selling services for our clients, with our unequaled teams on the ground in China who offer a range of services, from general research, negotiations to ongoing product management. You can see in more detail our services in the sourcing and selling pages on the website.

Latest reports

Made in USA
Thursday, 5th February 2015

Made in the USA commands a better premium in the Chinese market.

Featured Research - TaoBao Pet Sales
Thursday, 8th January 2015

Online Sales TaoBao - Top Ranking(by Volume) pet products sales 2014

China's Social Networks - A graph
Thursday, 16th October 2014

This is a fascinating look at the Social Networks available in China and the equivalent sites available to the rest of the world.